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Colquhoun, Louise Sister Suzette 03/22/24

are extremely small, but without the surgery she won’t live much longer. She is Roman Catholic and doesn’t know Christ. Please pray God’s will be done and that I will have the opportunity to present Christ to her and that she will be receptive. 
Thank you to you and all the prayer warriors for your ministry.
Louise Colquhoun

Powers, Pat Randy Meredith 03/23/24

Pat Powers has requested prayer for Randy Meredith who has recently had his pancreas removed.
Thank you Prayer Warriors for adding him to your prayer list for his continued healing following this surgery.
Your faithfulness is so appreciated. God answers prayers!

Lehmann, Marilyn Joan Hathaway 03/23/24

"I have a prayer request for my very dear friend of 26 yrs. Joan Hathaway of Rutland Church has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she is going for surgery this coming Monday. Thank you so much."Marilyn Lehmann

Manuel, Sharon Kristi 04/05/24

"A friend of my sister was in a skiing accident and is having to have several surgeries to repair broken bones. She is also waiting for a diagnosis of possible neck, head  and internal injuries.  Kristi is a pediatrician on Vancouver Island who deals with newborns who may have problems, so a speedy recovery is important to many babies and their parents as well. Please pray for her,  her family and that her attending doctors and surgeons will have God given skill and wisdom to deal with all her problems."

.04/08/24: An update on Kristi:  There was hope that Kristi was recovering and would be home soon.  Instead, another six hour surgery today.  She is recovering now and is semiconscious and well sedated.  They have determined that she has a mild concussion but no serious internal injuries.

Smith, Ray Donnie Shumway



His request is for a nephew, Donnie Shumway, in Auburn, Washington, who has multiple medical issues. He has diabetes, has had a leg removed to the knee, has had fingers removed, a kidney replaced and recently had a heart attack. Currently he is in the IC unit of the hospital. At 53, he certainly has extremely challenging issues. He needs our prayers.Thank you for caring. We will get Ray to keep us updated.



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