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Buchanan, Sonja
Church, Evangelistic Series
Can you please add the Evangelism ACTS 2021 to your Prayer Warriors’ prayer list for the next month? Here is the information about this program:  
Our prayer is that:
  1. We are still searching for people who would like to be involved in this outreach program.
  2. That this Outreach initiative will reach people in Abbotsford and that they may be drawn first to Jesus and then the truths of the Bible.
  3. To be specifically with Pastor John Bradshaw has he presents each topic.
  4. To be with the It Is Written International team as they work to present this program virtually.
  5. That the technology may be strong and consistent without Satan’s interference.
  6. That our Outreach team (It Is Written & Abbotsford SDA) will be led by the Holy Spirit so that God can do powerful things here in Abbotsford and throughout the 200 churches in Canada and the USA that are involved in this program.
Evangelism ACTS 2021
Abbotsford Seventh-day Adventist Church partnering with It Is Written International in an Evangelism Cycle:
April/May 2021: Health Series
July 2021:             Prayer Series
October 2021:    Full Evangelism Series
Please be involved in this outreach program.  PRAY for individuals to come to know Jesus!
Perepelitza, Morian
Prayer Tree
You are invited to request prayer for various friends and family members by sending their names to and asking that leaves for the Prayer Tree be added with their names written on them.
The names of people responding to mailout to the community are being included as their interest cards have been received.
We invite everyone to pray for these requests.
Perepelitza, Morian Nerina Prostran, Michael and Karen Martin 04/26
Here are several prayer requests for your attention:
1. Nerina Prostran - Has recently contracted Covid-19 and is very weak. We want to pray that she will have a light case and recovery soon.
2. Karen Martin - Her brother Michael is being tested for heart issues related to difficult breathing. Covid-19  has been ruled out. He has been in the hospital since Thursday.
3. Karen Martin - She is having a brain MRI on May 2 to try to determine the cause/s of her multiple medical issues. Both her and her brother need the attention of the Master Physician.
McLellan, Heidi George and Sylvia Haines 05/10
Requesting prayer for George and Sylvia Haines from Westbank Church. He is having surgery Wednesday, May 12 for a hopefully benign brain tumor. Thank you

Prayer Requests / Answered Prayer