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Current Prayer Requests / Answered Prayer

Perepelitza, Morian

Prayer Warriors 10/21/22 Become a Prayer Warrior to pray for our church, it's members family and friends. United prayer really does make a difference! We have seen the results! Please email Morian at pministry9@gmail.com for signing-up details. Thanks.
Perepelitza, Morian Prayer Requests 10/21/22 Feel free to submit your prayer requests to be shared with the Prayer Warriors and/or the visitors to this site. When you make your prayer request, please indicate who you would like it to be viewed by. Thanks.
Bilousova, Natalia Veronica, Ylia and Aran 10/22/22

1. Pray for the people in the Ukraine so that the war in Ukraine will end and for those who lost their family members and their homes. I pray especially for my family as well.

2. Pray for my sister Veronica that she would want to go to church and most importantly that she would want to understand and accept God. In addition, I pray that she would be able to love herself as she is.

3. Pray for my sister Veronika, that she would find and come back to God because she is looking for something. I pray that she wouldn’t go too far  from God. In addition, I pray for Aran, her boyfriend, that he would find God as well.

Poama, Lucian Surgery 10/24

Pastor Lucian has requested prayer for his upcoming surgery tomorrow, October 25. He will check into the hospital this evening, surgery will take place tomorrow (time?), he will recover in the hospital for two or three days, with further recovery at home for a week or more.

Please pray for the Master Physician to be at the side of the medical professionals and that the pastor's recovery will go well. Thanks for your prayers. 

Morian Perepelitza

Words of encouragement from Jeremiah 17:14: "Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise."


Poama, Lucian Surgery Update 10/26 I spoke with the pastor a few minutes ago and asked what I might share with the Prayer Warriors. He said that the surgery had a good effect and that he was released from the hospital yesterday after the surgery to recover at home. He said he expected to be back in action in about a week.
I'm sure he would appreciate continued prayer for his recovery. Thanks so much  for your concern, caring and prayers.
Smith, Ray Nephew Donnie

10/27, Update:11/08

Today, Ray requested prayer for his wife Gwen's nephew, Donnie. He is a 50-year-old son of Gwen's sister Joan. Donnie is currently taking some treatments to try to stave off the amputation of one of his legs. Since the treatments are not helping, it leads his mother and him to believe that the medical personnel will recommend amputation. Please pray for comfort and bravery during this life-changing time for them both.

Update: 11/08  Donnie's leg has now been amputated and he is in a period of healing now before therapy can be started.  Continued prayers are needed. Thank you.