Bible Study

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At the Abbotsford Seventh-Day Adventist Church we have several opportunities for Bible study:

-> Saturday Morning Bible Study from 9:30 - 10:30 am

-> Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting 7:00 pm



CLICK HERE to Get Dwell & Listen to the Bible!



What is Dwell??
Dwell is a Bible App that allows you to listen to the bible through plans, chapters, and themes. You are able to select the voices reading different version as you prefer. There is music in the background and you also have the ability to adjust music volume and type. I personally love to listen to a chapter and read along in my physical bible. I can pause at verses and navigate forward or backward through verses as needed. This is a FREE group subscription for 60 days - I pray that you will take advantage and spend more time Dwelling in the Word of God and growing in your faith.